Consultancy Talent Management

M3 Ultimate Solutions talent management strategy focuses on hiring “experienced” independent consultants who have their own independent company (sole proprietor, corporation, partnership, or similar) across the globe. Consultants who are establishing and/or advancing their careers: interns, career changers and practitioners would be considered for contract engagements.

We provide support and concentrate on consultants success by offering lifelines into leadership, mentors, peers and tool kits (i.e. templates). We believe without providing this support consultants are at risk to meet and/or exceed clients’ expectations.


  • Meet a leader
  • Phone a mentor
  • Text a peer
  • Snag a tool kit

M3 provides consultants with competitive market pay to attract and retain talent. The pay criteria is based upon the requirements from clients such as certifications, education, experience, location, scope of work being performed, supply and demand fro specific consultant skills.

M3 hires for the following roles:

  • Business Process Managers (BPM)
  • Executive C-Suite Leaders
  • Human Resource Managers (HR)
  • Industrial Organizational Psychologists (I/O)
  • Information Technology Professionals (IT)
  • Instructional Designers (ID)
  • Organizational Change Managers (OCM)
  • Organizational Development Managers (OD)
  • Project Managers (PM)

Assignments (examples)

Staff Augmentation

  1. Short term (up to 6 months in duration)
  2. Less complex (does not require all skills)
  3. More volume in resources
  4. Some specialization in skills

Project Assignment

  1. Long term (from 6 months to 3 years in duration)
  2. More complex (requires all skills)
  3. Less volume in resources
  4. Higher level of specialized skills

Join our talented pit crew

Consultants interested in future opportunities may send their resume to this email: or click on the button to the right to jump to the “Contact Us” page.

Tips/Steps for applying, hiring and on-boarding

  1. Title your email with specific role from above list
  2. Attach your resume to the email
  3. One of our talent team members will schedule a pre-screen virtual meeting
  4. Prior to your pre-screen meeting, review the M3 brochure as part of the discussion
  5. Prepare to discuss your previous work related to M3 projects
  6. Speak freely with our leadership members during the pre-screen in a relaxed and stress free environment
  7. If you proceed to the 2nd meeting, this meeting will focus on discussions for the scope of immediate projects, availability, rates and etc.
  8. Upon mutual agreement the independent consultant contract will be completed
  9. All necessary on-boarding paperwork will be completed
  10. Complete M3 on-boarding process for the assignment
  11. Consultant will complete a client on-boarding program in preparation to start the assignment


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