About Our Strategic Partners

What is a Strategic Partner?

M3 Ultimate Solutions utilizes strategic partners who have strong and valid relationships during the business development life-cycle. This results in an extension of the relationship to adequately SCOPE and SCALE statements of work (SOWs) that SOLVE issues by providing consulting management, staffing and/or other services.

Role of a Strategic Partner

  • Deepens relationship with the client
  • Provides consultative feedback and approach (no sales)
  • Assists in pre-scope activities (qualify opportunity)
  • Monitors potential opportunities
  • Overall advocate for M3 ultimate solutions

We encourage clients to contact an approved strategic partner with whom they have a relationship to initiate conversations for services.

Clinton Salamone
Clinton Salamone

American Blockchain Consultants

Deepak Lalwani
Deepak Lalwani, M.A.

Deepak Lalwani & Associates, LLC

Gordon Adelsberg
Gordon Adelsberg, MBA

Adelsberg Consulting, LLC

Jay Stanley
Jay Stanley

Stanley Leadership Consulting, LLC

Kurt Schoch
Kurt Schoch, Ed.D.

Performance Improvement Consulting, LLC

Mike Hill
Mike Hill, MBA

The Mike Hill Agency

Rick Rusch
Rick Rusch, CPA
CIO / CFO and Business Elevator™

For over 25 years Rick has helped companies with IT services as well as selecting & implementing ERP accounting software solutions. Shocked by the new dangers of the Ransomware age, Rick has focused on cybersecurity to help clients guard their digital data. Rick has been speaking on cybersecurity for over 4 years, calling himself a Cyber Security Evangelist. Rick has degrees in accounting, computer science and is a CPA.

Join our talented pit crew

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